Having a rich fauna and flora, Turkey is fortunate to own the grounds which have been the host for many civilization, which contributed to the traditional knowledge on the use of herbs and spices. Also different climatic conditions throughout the country have been a significant contribution to the varieties grown. Today in Turkey, there exist around 500 types of herbs, which grow naturally.

Owing to Turkey’s climatic and ecological conditions many herbs and spices are cultivated or gathered from the naturel vegetation just as in other parts of the World. One of them is Bay leaves and are gathered from nature. Modern processing plants have enabled Turkey to offer a wide range of quality and hygenic products to world markets. Natural drying, classification by hand and machine (depending on the type of production) and grinding (when required) are the general steps pf processing.

American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) Standards, which have international credibility, are applied to Turkish spice exports if requested. In order to meet the packaging requirements of importers, the packaging material, packaging, graphic design and quantity can be changed depending upon the characteristics of the product, the request of the purchaser and the transport mode of the product.


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