Turkey, which is the most important country in the world exporter of high-quality laurel, bay laurel leaves, exportation and the world is one of the few countries who meet about 90% requirement. Export value of medicinal and aromatic plants examined in the last five years, the exportation to the amount of bay leaves, cumin, thyme, carob and Capers after the crop is at most a fifth exportation. 3783 tons in 1999 and 7246 million U.S. $ export value increased with the years and in 2003 reached 5099 tons and a value of $ 8233 million. 8909 tons in 2011 and 26427 million U.S. $ export value increased with the years.

Exportation of the countries in the bay leaf in Hong Kong, U.S., Germany and Brazil are. According to data from our country for the years 2001-2003 the average annual foreign trade value of $ 500 thousand laurel essential oil is exported. In addition, the laurel berries produced by boiling water extraction, or fixed oils are exported to Arab countries in particular were used to make soap.



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